Instantly create bots from your workflow 

No Code & No platform needed


Powerful Bots - Super Easy

ChatBots ROI can range from 200% to as high as 20,000% 


Automated bots are fundamental for businesses that need to provide their users with excellent support and service without the cost of massive manpower


The problem with conventional bot development is:


  • Complex Setup and configuration

  • Requires time and expertise 

  • Has limited functionality

  • Dependent on a third-party platform


The bottom line is other bot solutions either offer very limited functionality or present more challenges than solutions.

Fast set up

No Migration

Our Advantage


Only a workflow diagram is needed

Zero Coding

Make changes by simply updating the workflow

Seamless Handover Protocol

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Cellesense is the ultimate bot solution


We’ve invented the easiest way for you to create automated processes that your users will love


Simply draw a workflow and within minutes your Bot is ready


Our Bots automate and perfectly execute business processes.


A single bot created in mear minutes can simultaneously and efficiently tend to thousands of your users more efficiently than hundreds of workers

We give you the ability to instantly create bots that will seamlessly manage any complex tasks you give them

What they say


Bank Hapoalim

 “The Cellesense Bot capability allowed us to create a bot for our customers in no time during the initial Covid 19 outbreak…


The service and efficiency of Cellesense’s capability were excellent. “


Maccabi Healthcare Sevices

“Cellesense’s Bot capability allowed us to launch a bot for our internal service use.”


“The outcome of the bot launch was fantastic due to major cost savings in labor-intensive work, which was nearly completely eliminated.”

“After looking at several options we chose Cellesense as it allowed us the freedom of building bots through flowcharts as well as to edit and change them when needed.”


Our Clients

From the Israeli government to the largest insurance and banking institutions, we provide large organization in numerous industries across multiple verticals with the ability to create instant automated bots


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